We Build Happier Communities.

We build happier communities.

a social enterprise creating innovative projects and progressive partnerships.

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Strategic Planning

Building the Roadmap.

Every project starts with a great plan. We design the strategy to achieve our shared goals.

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Creative Services

Spreading the News. 

We provide the creative leadership and design expertise to boost awareness and drive interest.

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Stakeholder Engagement.

Our resource development experience will secure the funding to get the work done.

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The Civic Center

We are building a campus for social innovation.

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Dillon Stadium

Learn more about our fight to revitalize Dillon Stadium as a public park and community venue for the people of Hartford. 


Yoga in Our City

Our statewide yoga program offers free, all-level classes to build a healthier, happier Connecticut. 


The Hartford Times

Champion of reform. Advocate for the people.  




TJ Clynch

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TJ founded Civic Mind in 2011, He works to create dynamic, sustainable progress while connecting organizations to their audiences in exciting new ways.

TJ currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Sustainable Business Council.

He previously served on Hartford's REACH Coalition (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health), as the President of Business for Downtown Hartford merchant association and as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Warehouse Point, Connecticut.

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