Community Use, Part 1.

Our vision for Dillon Stadium honors its legacy as a public park and community venue for schools and residents.

One of our biggest concerns about CRDA's recommendation of the Hartford Sports Group proposal is the lack of a coherent, thoughtful community outreach strategy -- both the Authority and Hartford Sports Group have delegated decisions about how to make the venue available for students, residents and community groups.  

On January 9th, 2018, Civic Mind met with Sean Fitzpatrick, the City of Hartford's Director of Development after the Authority had identified Fitzpatrick as the "point person" for community outreach and engagement for the project.

It was clear from our meeting that the City's development services department has no real plan, or intentions to create any plan, for how the community would use Dillon Stadium. 

Ironically, we met just a few hours before Sean Fitzpatrick resigned his position amidst being the subject of an intensifying fraud investigation by the City of Hartford's Internal Audit Commission about his residency.  

Since Fitzpatrick's resignation, no one has been assigned the role of managing community outreach.

Disheartened and frustrated by the City of Hartford's lack of planning in the best interest of this community asset, Civic Mind sent the following letter to the Authority reaffirming our commitment to putting the people of Hartford first.

Below is our letter and the response from CRDA Executive Director Michael Freimuth. 

Dillon Stadium RFP #18-001.jpg
TJ Clynch letter.jpg

We are not satisfied.


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