Courant: Hartford Sports Group Makes Plans To Play At Rentschler Field

Bruce Mandell, Hartford Sports Group’s Chairman and CEO

Bruce Mandell, Hartford Sports Group’s Chairman and CEO

With the Dillon Stadium renovations behind schedule, the Hartford Courant reports Hartford Sports Group’s intentions to play at Rentschler Field.

Bruce Mandell remains optimistic banking on some help from Mother Nature. “Again, we’re in New England. If we get a good winter, we’ll be good. If we get a bad winter, we’ll probably have some delays.”

Meanwhile, Mike Freimuth took a more somber tone, “Every week we sacrifice something else. We’re losing the whistles and the bells and getting down to the basics,” adding “That’s essentially what you do in these things.”

Bruce did offer a small dose of reality and a new promise. “Mandell said that Hartford Sports Group is planning for a scenario in which the total cost of the project rises. It was originally slated to be $10 million, and Mandell said that he anticipates any extra costs to be paid for privately.”

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TJ ClynchComment