What a Sham.

Read this extraordinary email we discovered in our Freedom of Information Act request — six months before the *competitive* bid process.

Collusion Email.jpg

“Our own discussions promise the best hope of getting Dillon back online..”

- Sean Fitzpatrick to Bruce Mandell, his lobbyists and Mike Freimuth (2/7/17)

Important facts:

  1. Mike Freimuth, CRDA’s Executive Director, asks Bruce Mandell of Hartford Sports Group for “Any counsel/advice?” regarding Hartford City FC’s future plans.

  2. Bruce Mandell replies copying Kozak and Salina (his lobbying firm) and Sean Fitzpatrick, the City of Hartford’s Director of Development Services, a CRDA Board Member and member of CRDA’s Venue Committee.

  3. Bruce’s response diminishes the value of Hartford City FC and discredits their ability to “make Dillon what it can and should be.” Bruce makes clear his USL team is the priority but “when the time is right our group would reach out to Hartford FC.”

  4. Sean Fitzpatrick reinforces Bruce’s sentiments and their collaborative work together. “It seems to me that we should continue working on our “credible plan” to renovate Dillon…”, further adding, “..our own discussions promise the best hope of getting Dillon back online.”

We learn from this one email:

  1. CRDA, the City of Hartford and Hartford Sports Group have been working together to develop Dillon Stadium since at least February 2017 — six months before the competitive bid process was initiated.

  2. CRDA recognized Bruce Mandell as the decision maker on the future user groups of Dillon Stadium and actively deferred to his “counsel/advice.”

  3. Sean Fitzpatrick’s response establishes the collusion to secure Dillon Stadium for the exclusive benefit of Bruce Mandell.

  4. CRDA’s RFP process was a corrupt sham that induced third parties to waste time and money in a fake competition.

  5. CRDA and the City of Hartford willfully deceived the community into believing they represented their best interests when in reality — they were always working for Bruce Mandell.

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Why are these politicians working so hard for Bruce Mandell?

Follow The Money.

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