We Build Happier Communities.

We build happier communities.

a social enterprise creating innovative projects and progressive partnerships.

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Strategic Planning

Building the Roadmap.

Every project starts with a great plan. We design the strategy to achieve our shared goals.

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Community Relations

Spreading the News. 

We provide the creative leadership and design expertise to boost awareness and drive interest.

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Stakeholder Engagement.

Our resource development experience will secure the funding to get the work done.

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The Civic Center

We are building a campus for social innovation.

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Dillon Stadium

Learn more about our advocacy work to revitalize Dillon Stadium as a public park and community venue for the people of Hartford. 


Yoga in Our City

Our statewide yoga program offers free, all-level classes to build a healthier, happier Connecticut. 


The Hartford Times

Champion of reform. Advocate for the people.